It has already been an awesome 2018 year.  Podiums or not, it has already been fun training, riding, meeting new folks, and the tremendous  support that is going to make this year happen for me. And let's be real.....Some days it takes inspiration from every angle to push on.

             ~I thought it would be fun to talk about some inspirations for this year~

 First, my family is a huge inspiration because they are such a huge support in every aspect of my life.   I simply couldn't do this without the support of my husband and children.  It brings me joy to see them having fun racing and training, as well with myself, and it truly is a family affair...  My daughter is 7 YO,  and is a very talented gymnast, and recently came in 2nd in her first cyclocross race.   I watch her during her gymnastics practice during the week,  which she trains 9 hours a week. Her dreams brings me much strength because I see her tenacity, work ethic, and results which is a HUGE inspiration! I watch my son training for MTB and school and our MTB rides together, and my husband working and training, and us all having so much fun....which inspires me everyday.  I love trying to be a strong momma, and I hope to show my children that they can always have inspirations, dreams, and that they can do whatever that want to do.  never give up. ever.

The support I have gotten from my local club racing team, Pursuit Cycling and our sponsors, is a huge inspiration.   I love training with like-minded folks who have a heart for competition, but are also humble and fun to be around.  Pursuit is providing a cycling platform in my area to develop riders and to provide support for elite level cyclists.   It takes a village, and I feel blessed to have a group of guys to train with and push me.  

MY COACH IS AWESOME.  He's created a training program and platform I never could imagine doing a year ago.  He inspires me because HE believes in me, sometimes, when I feel like I can't believe in myself. Some workouts, I think... 'no way'....and then.... poof.... it happens.  He pushes me and inspires me to be better because he has a positive vision for my future and abilities, which he has a better grasp than I do, and that is awesome.  Lord, pray for this man to keep me in line! 

The incredible sponsors-love this year has been amazing. (nfirmary Health, ESSE, Watershed Health, Integrated Pain Management of Alabama, Trek Bicycle Store Mobile, AL, Fleet Feet Sports Mobile, AL, Smith, Caine and Associates, Hayes Painting).   Pursuit is providing a platform to put our city on the map with developmental and pro racing, AND just racing in general, which is a huge inspiration.  Having our sponsors believe in my mission of cycling and racing (which will be a separate blog post) is a HUGE deposit to my gas tank!  They are such a motivation to keep pushing forward, when some days,  I feel like sleeping in or taking the day off..... I train for them.  

Specifically, Trek and Trek Store in Mobile, AL reminds me everyday to do better because of the love I've gotten from this awesome team of people and company. Okay, MY BAD-TO- THE-BONE NEW BIKE INSPIRES ME..... Lawrence, Catherine, and Robby have helped me so much this year in order to get my equipment in line , and the addition of my new sweet ride (n+1= Trek Madone 9.9) happen for this year to race!   But not just that... our Friday afternoon hangouts at the Trek Store is a huge motivation.  Talking about the dreams of the Trek Store, bikes, and the city of Mobile is really cool. Race schedules, their experiences are all sources of inspiration I draw from.  I love our friendship and their support means the world to me.

There is no telling how this year will go for myself because, after all, this is year 2 for me racing Pro, with it also the beginning my 3rd year racing ever.... 

Last year, was very tough in many different ways, but also very awesome ...with some major break throughs mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I raced in very large fields of women of champions..... silver medal olympians, national champions, world champions in a variety of disciplines, stacked professionals with major funding and sponsors, & International champions across the world who came to the USA to race the professional domestic criterium scene. All kinds of strong women, which is so empowering.  Last year was a dream lining up against these truly professional women, but I'm not going to was quite intimidating.  These women are tried and true Pro's and was an honor to be able to race beside them last year.  Domestic criterium racing is stacked with women cyclists who are the fastest in the world, blazing fast... 

I had fun and improved and made some pretty good results, but I also got the beat down, as well.  Trial by fire I would say could describe my 2017 year.   I have learned from very very very many mistakes I was making so plan to improve, which is the only thing I can really do....learn and improve and work hard and be nice and encourage others.  

Building strength is one large element, building fitness in another HUGE element, nutrition is huge,   but developing tactics and skill is another factor that has to occur for the complete trifecta of domination to happen.  When all these come together with the right team and support= boom! Anyone can succeed on this platform.  No one can do it alone and that is what makes cycling so beautiful.  No single person is celebrating on the podium, but a team behind that person who has been encouraged, provided for, or supported by a team of people in one way or the other.  I'm excited for this year to test my limits, but I feel like I have a larger support system, friends, team, coach, bike mechanics, sponsors, & the Trek Store.....which makes all the difference in the world....because we all know that to get where we really want to be.....there is no "I" in TEAM.