This year, I have spent many- O- days inside training my ars off.  

It has been very cold this winter, and  I'm not super-equipped for those freezing temps living in the deep south. So, I have been inside training A LOT.  I having been doing yoga and riding in this room and felt more stressed leaving from sh!t everywhere, than relaxed, stretched, and centered.

One day, our heater went out down stairs on a day in the twenties.  I had a trainer ride, and had to get it done.....Well, I felt so ridiculous training INSIDE with all the winter gear on, but  I had to keep warm.   I was in my small bike room with junk everywhere, it was freaking freezing inside, I was decked out (inside) in all the winter gear I owned...and right then, I decided that I was going to make that room the most functional, comfortable, enjoyable room in the house.  I decided that I  was going to have a sweet bike room.  After all, I was probably spending the MOST time in there more so than anywhere in my home.

                                                        ~So how do you make a legit bike room?~


Well, no one wrote the book on making a legit bike room, so this was my idea on what this thing bike room would be..... Needless to say, I was TOTALLY overwhelmed looking on pinterest at bike rooms with chic cabinetry built for their bikes, hip colors with a minimalistic vibe that I totally dig....However, I don't have the time or feel like investing in that right now... 

So one day, I stopped and spent one entire day working on this room.  I felt kind of silly creating and decorating a "bike room", but cycling is my gym, stress reliever, fun, and a way of life.  It's just a part of my life that will always exist, so I needed to just stop feeling wasteful, and create a nice space I would actually really enjoy being in while doing what I love to do....  I guess we have had bikes for a few years now, and it was time to settle all these bike into the home.  I didn't want to spend too much money or time, so I had to be efficient in my purchases. It is actually like a baby room for all our babies. 

Maybe my breaking point and motivation of getting this bike room-thing done was a subconscious nesting phase before the arrival of my red-lipped princess (Trek Madone).  Whatever the snapping point, I'm glad I did it.  This is now my favorite tiny room in the house that serves its purpose.  It is an inspiring room to train, and now I find myself wanting to be in my room training.    I had about a 11'X11' space that  my entire family, and our bikes, were going to be used for training so it had to be functional.  

 Here are somethings I did to make my room more functional, and a few estimates of the prices, but don't hold me to them.  

MINUS THE JUNK EVERY WHERE. This photo was taken AFTER I took loads of wheels, tools, etc... out of the room.

MINUS THE JUNK EVERY WHERE. This photo was taken AFTER I took loads of wheels, tools, etc... out of the room.


1. Chose a color that would make the colors of the bike stand out, and all the electrical cords go away.  I went with a Dark grey, almost black color.  I liked the idea of having a cave and the contrast it provided with the colors on the bikes.

2.  I bought two new black fans from Lowe's that would blend in ($20 each).  I use to have two old nasty box fans pulled from my garage that blew dust in my face everytime I turned them on. This had to change. 


3. Big Black hooks $3-5 each depending on style) and a few solid pieces of decorative wood ($8 each) (from Lowe's or home improvement store) to mount the bikes and wheels.  I didn't realize how wheels (and bikes) can take up a massive amount of space without having a place to put them.

4. Large electrical outlet from Best Buy (black).   ALSO, a multi USB outlet (maybe $20 if I remember correct) for all the little cords for all the lights, bike computers, devices that require USB charging port.

5. I found a medium sized smart TV on clearance (about $189) that would be compatible with an adapter for streaming Zwift from the smart trainers.  This was a splurge, but in the end, it is a MUST in order to really have an awesome room for those long trainer rides.

6. Multiple (Long) HDMI cords ($20+)  AND apple lightning adapters ($50). (Apple is very proud of their small adapters. This is to plug the iPhone, iPad, or apple device into the smart tv to the HDMI cord to stream your workout from your iPhone, swift, etc... to the TV.

7. Indoor/ Outdoor rug from Target to put under the trainer ($60) along with a black rubber mat!  (I sweat a ton).  This is the one item I could use to express some funk and design, and also a must have, since it prevents your floor or carpet from destruction from the gallons of sweat from the awesome training your going to have.

8. Two small portable tables for holding bottles, devices, workout plans, etc... needed while riding. I got mine from Hobby Lobby for about $20.  I also purchased a wooden shelf for the TV to sit on which was about $30.

9. Small laundry basket and pretty trash can($15) from Target. LOL ...there are trash cans that are prettier than others.

10.  Seagrass 3 drawer basket ($50 on amazon) to hold all the small items you always need but lose before you need to ride outside. I tried to shop local but could NOT find a seagrass basket anywhere.....I use one drawer to hide the charging port of all the gazillion lights you own and NEED when you want to ride outside. I have my own drawer to keep all my small items like sunglasses, hair ties, devices, sunscreen, journal, chamois cream, etc....

11. Something that smells good. I am in love with essential oils like peppermint, lavender, or eucalyptus. Just anything that makes this room feel a little less like a stinky sauna is a good thing.